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Tomodachi x Monster Vol. 1 eBook ↠ Tomodachi x  PDF Tomodachi x Monster is a manga series that is a mash up the survival horror genre with Pok mon style monsters who must fight each other to the deathGOTTA KILL EM ALL A mysterious voice beckons Narimiya Wataru, a lonely sixth grader, luring him into the mountains outside his rural Japanese village There, Wataru meets a strange new friend, Peke, a bizarrely cute creature with cross stitches over its mouth Wataru soon learns that there is a hidden world of monsters that partner with young children, and together, they enter horrifying death matches Watch what really happens when kids with no conscience get hold of cuddly little killers to do their bidding

10 thoughts on “Tomodachi x Monster Vol. 1

  1. Jamie (Books and Ladders) Jamie (Books and Ladders) says:

    Chapter 1 4 Chapter 2 3 Chapter 3 3 Chapter 4 3.5 Chapter 5 3.5 Chapter 6 3.5 Chapter 7 3.5 Overall Rating 3.4 but I m rounding down So I was really intrigued by this one since it is a darker version of Pok mon where each battle ends in the death of both the creature and it s traine

  2. Ashly Ashly says:

    Imagine an extremely dark and sadistic version of Pokemon, in which children, accompanied by their monster friends, battle to the gruesome end.Now, as twisted and intriguing as that sounds, Tomodachi Monster really falls flat The art style is not appealing, the pacing is shoddily fast, and t

  3. Soobie& Soobie& says:

    Ammetto che non mi aspettavo una storia del genere Ragazzini che incontrano degli strani amici con dei poteri particolari e si ritrovano a combattere una lotta all ultimo sangue Sangue e cervelli si sprecano sulla pagina.Vediamo come continua Per il momento mi sembra interessante, anche se vero che s

  4. Reza Aleeya Reza Aleeya says:

    OMG.i fall in love with this manga so muchit is scary enuf when monster search for a master s soul to share

  5. Muhd Hazreen Muhd Hazreen says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Best

  6. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    I love the unique idea of this manga, but it can be a little too Gordy sometimes I might think about continued to read this series.

  7. Justin Justin says:

    I probably never would have stumbled across this series, if I hadn t been browsing an online sale, and had the blood stained cover of this volume catch my eye I ve always been a fan of taking tropes and twisting them, so the concept of a Pokemon esque world where children use their monster friends to do horrible things intrigued me And

  8. Rod Brown Rod Brown says:

    Crossing Pokemon with Battle Royale, Vol 01 style gore seems like a good idea for biting satire Unfortunately, the shocking violence of the gimmick is only used to draw readers into a very conventional battle manga story There s no humor or parody or even irony It s just a Pokemon type story where ha ha people die violently.I read I Hate Fairyl

  9. Joseph Workman Joseph Workman says:

    Easy simple read with an overly simple storyline and underdeveloped characters.

  10. Seth Seth says:

    Was not ready for how violent this was going to be His a huge breath of fresh air I can t wait to see .

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