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Torrent of Tears PDF ✓ Torrent of  PDF or With her birthday approaching and her adoptive family angry with her, Lexi doubts her place in her own life Where had she come from Where did she truly belong When her identical twin emerges from the surface of a frozen pond to reclaim her, Lexi abandons the security of Haven to go find outUnfamiliar with the customs, laws, and obligations of life in Attalos, Lexi s warrior habits and acerbic wit clash with everything in her oppressed homeland At odds with her mother, the royal guards, and her arranged betrothed, Lexi finds a reluctant ally in Rowan, shunned Noble of the Fifth HouseThrough their sexually charged pursuit of freedom, Lexi learns that family and love are two very different things

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    Yet again, I can t get enough of this series In book 2 you almost can t stand Lexi, and I loved her in the first This redeems her I love how complex her character ends up being And despite a few setbacks I love that she just accepted her new struggles and still held on to her stubborn, witty, and quirky se

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