10 thoughts on “We Stand Divided: Competing Visions of Jewishness and the Rift Between American Jews and Israel

  1. Jon-Erik Jon-Erik says:

    We need a great book on this, but this is not it We need great leadership on this, but Gordis is probably the wrong author and leader He has taken a side, no matter how much he tries to hide it To his credit, he lives those views He moved to Israel and committed to work towards what he believes But we need a book on this divide from an honest broker wh

  2. Corin Corin says:

    Lots and lots of food for thought.

  3. Michael Burnam-Fink Michael Burnam-Fink says:

    Gordis explores the relationship between American and Israeli Jews through the metaphor of a marriage on the brink of divorce, arguing that both sides need each other The evidence is primarily historical, based on a reading of pro and anti Zionist statements from the 1880s through the 1930s.Some parts of the thesis are fairly incontrovertible Zionism was a maj

  4. Nicole Nicole says:

    I m not sure what to think It s interesting to think that American Jews and Israelis have had a rift for some time It s also interesting that people on the right can critique Israel, because it s believed they love Israel, but somehow it s not perceived that those on the left love Israel a statement by J Street was called dangerous, I believe You can critique, but

  5. ShamSham ShamSham says:

    A cogent survey of what lies at the division between American Jewry and Israeli Jewry and a powerful call for greater understanding and collaboration between the two.

  6. Alan Jay Alan Jay says:

    This is the second Daniel Gordis book I have read where I thought his observations are right on the mark however, he offers little in any realistic way to overcome the challenge And yet, I don t think that is a deficiency of the book simply because I don t see any easy path to bridge the divide between Jews in the US and Israelis The first step to overcome the divide is t

  7. Dr. Harold Dr. Harold says:

    Dr Harold Goldmeier is the manager of an investment fund, university teacher, business consultant, speaker and writer who can be reached at Harold.goldmeier gmail.comCountless articles and books address the vexing rift between American Jews and Israel They are short on solutions and long on confirmation bias Daniel Gordis adds another tome to the pile with We Stand Divided, T

  8. Ilana Ilana says:

    Jewish life, history has taught, is exceptionally fragile At times the deadly threats come from the outside At other times rivalries between the Jews themselves have made communities so vulnerable that they fell Either way, the lessons of Jewish history ought to be clear Based on solid historical facts and knowledge of both American and Israeli Judaism, We Stand Divided by Daniel

  9. Gordon Prescott Gordon Prescott says:

    Daniel Gordis has written a brilliantly concise book about Israel and American Jews that attempts to explain how the division has become a wedge issue There is a beautifully written sequence surrounding the Yom Kippur War in 1973 Daniel remembers being in synagogue and the transistor radio that was supposed to be used for the latest baseball update became a lifeline to the onset of t

  10. Sami Frankel Sami Frankel says:

    Gordis makes many strong points in this clearly well researched book The history of the fraught relationship between American Jews and Israelis goes much further back than I realized, and it was fascinating to discover so many elements of that story and the many actors involved I had no idea that so many major American Jewish organizations were not ardent supporters of Israel from the be

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