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Must Have Home Features For Millennials

Home buyers today are mainly the millennials. This means that you have to offer something that the millennials are after if you are a homeowner or an agent looking to sell a home. There is good news for homeowners or real estate agents looking to sell since the millennials seem to share a number of common features that they would love to have in their homes. For a millennial to even consider buying a home, the features discussed in this article must be present in the home you are looking to sell.

The first feature is an open floor kitchen plan. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home because people not only share meals there, but they also get to catch up after a long day at school or at work. Today, a lot of young people are enjoying to cook and they therefore go for homes with spacious kitchens.
Secondly, millennials will always go for homes with updated bathrooms. A lot of millennials are turning away from homes with small bathrooms that do not give one privacy and so if you are looking for a competitive offer, ensure that your bathroom is comfortable and gives a person enough privacy.

The third feature is a home office. The developments made in the internet and in technology have brought about an increase in the number of people who choose to work from home and the highest number in this group is that of millennials and hence your home has to have a space for them to work in if you want to sell.

The location of the home you are looking to sell will also determine whether or not you sell to the millennials. Millennials typically go for homes that are close to sources of entertainment and offer security. Consider selling to the older generation if your home is secluded.

If you are looking to sell your home fast, you ought to ensure that it is easy to maintain because this is one of the qualities that the millennials are considering when buying homes. Research has shown that a millennial would much rather entertain himself or herself than do house chores because a lot of them have just moved out from their birth homes where they were expected to do chore after chore.

The millennials love technology and gadgets and so to sell to them, your home must be tech integrated. The millennials will give you good offers of you integrate internet of things into your home. Voice controlled light bulbs or remote controlled doors will do a lot for your home’s value. Every homeowner or real estate agent looking to sell ought to look into the features discussed above so as to now increase the value of the home they are selling in the eyes of the millennials.