Within Reason: A Life of Spinoza MOBI ✓ A Life

Within Reason: A Life of Spinoza MOBI ✓ A Life This work amounts to littlethan a slur on Spinoza s name Quite apart from demonstrating a lack of comprehension of Spinoza s philosophy, the author suffers from the misapprehension that it is legitimate to judge out of context and by applying the s of one s own time to that of an earlier period Avoid and read Nader s Spinoza A Life instead. Very interesting combination of personal, historical and philosophical biography of Spinoza It s an inspiring story about the Enlightenment and a key person in that development. The th century philosopher Baruch Spinoza was expelled from the Jewish community of Amsterdam at the age offor horrendous heresies and was eventually reviled by all religious authorities for claiming that humans were parts of a unified nature, that God was identical with nature, and that reason, not revelation, supplied the truth of GodThis biography, drawing on very recent scholarly research and making detailed references to primary sources, some not previously explored, focuses on Spinoza s attempt to act solely through reason in the face of turbulent personal and national circumstances It exposes Spinoza s emotional and sexual vulnerability, arrogance and misogyny, and shows his living philosophical experiment to be sharply relevant today

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